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Automate your contact gathering, segmenting, their data enriching, sending right content at right timingg. Mailbow empowers organizations to communicate with their customers using source data and to send responsive beautiful emails via marketing automation.

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2013 cool numbers all on one slide


Cool numbers of 2013

  • 51% of emails are now opened on a mobile device
  • Mobile email opens increased 21% in 2013
  • iPhone and Outlook were the #1 and #2 email clients all year in 2013
  • 38% of all emails are opened on iOS
  • Android email opens increased 57% in 2013
  • Gmail email opens increased 50% in 2013

2013 overview:

  1. January: Android Climbs in Market Share; Mobile Email Opens Up 138%
  2. February: Gmail Opens Grow, Hotmail & Yahoo! Decline
  3. March: iPad Opens Grown 49% in 12 Months; Total Mobile Email Opens Back to 43%
  4. April: Emails Opened on Mobile? Start Designing for Fingers and Thumbs
  5. May: Outlook.com Breaks into Email Client Top Ten at #7
  6. June: Outlook.com Increases Market Share by 20%; Soars to #4 Spot
  7. July: Mobile Opens Hit 44% and Outlook.com Takes a Dive
  8. August: Gmail Opens Drop 18%: Are Tabs to Blame?
  9. September: Mobile Opens Hit Record High of 47%
  10. October: 48% of Emails are Opened on Mobile; Gmail Opens Down 20% Since Tabs
  11. November: Gmail Drops to #9; Android Poised to Upset iPad for #3 Spot
  12. December: Mobile Opens Hit 51%; Android Claims #3 Spot


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