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Advantages of email marketing


There are several advantages of email marketing, let us share a couple reasons why this is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers.

1. Immediacy
Email marketing is not affected by any time restrictions and they generate fast responses.
Your newsletter can be sent out in a limited time period and it can get instant response by requesting more information or visiting the link included in your message.

Contrary to the mail marketing where you have to rely on the post office, or social media campaigns where you cannot be 100% sure you reached your target, since your message might show up only for couple of minutes on the wall of your customers (if shows up at all).

2. No borders
There are no borders for email marketing. It doesn’t matter where your customers are, you can target anybody despite their global presence, you just have to identify where you would like to reach.

3. Cheaper
You can save time, money and resources with email marketing since it has lower costs than a traditional direct mail or print advertising. Consequently you can spend on more marketing actions from the same budget, this way reaching out to even more potential customers.

4. Personalized messages
Emails allows you to greet every customer by name, making every email unique. Many studies show that when customers see their name in a message they spend more time reading it and it also improves the click through rate of the emails.

5. Targeted marketing
With custom built lista you can send out emails based on specific subscriber information, so you can send out emails to those who are really interested in the information you’re sending out without bothering those who do not. Basically you can make lists based on location, age, name, gender and almost any parameters you need or have.

6. Interactive
With the help of the graphical enriched format of HTML layout you can improve your newsletter by making it more interactive. Additionally to the graphical design you can include videos, surveys or links to engage your readers. This way you can bring potential clients into an experience with your company’s product.

7. Measurable results

After sending out a newsletter with the built in analytics tool you can measure the success of your campaign right away. You can check the click through rate of your links, tell exactly how many people opened your message and even which are the emails that never reached the target person.

8. Planned marketing

You can really plan your marketing in advance and set up campaigns for weeks in advance. And thanks to the triggers after a certain time you can reconnect with the clients who already purchased a product or with those who do not usually open your emails.

9. Trust
Nowadays most people prefer to receive information and to communicate online. It’s more likely that they would tell you their email address than their name/address/city, their personal data.

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