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5 simple ways to bring your email design into 2014


Litmus reported earlier this month that over half of all emails are now viewed on a mobile device — a 24% increase from Nov. 2012 to Nov. 2013! So as you can imagine, the emails of 2014 will be designed largely with mobile in mind.

Ditch the side column

Mobile viewing means smaller screens, and no one wants to squint! Remember, readers are looking for easy-to-scan content. Two or three sections going down the page, with a minimum font size of 12 will make it much easier on your readers.

Keep it clean

You want a design that’s easy on the eyes for your readers. Use clear headers with a larger font size than the rest of your text. A little whitespace also helps the eyes scan your email more efficiently.

Slim it down

We all know that size does matter in email marketing. We recommend a width of 600 px for your newsletters because it will fit better on mobile device and inside email clients.

Make it touchable

Do you remember situation when you really like an email but you just cant open the links inside it becuse they are too small? 
With mobile in mind, make sure your call to action buttons are a fair size for the human finger. Recent studies are pointing out : “the average adult finger pad is 10-14 mm, which roughly translates to 37-53 pixels.” So a button of 50 px is a good idea.

Test it

If you’re still not testing your emails, you’re living in the past! Nothing ruins an email like a broken link, distorted text, or a typo in the subject line! 


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