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What is CAN-SPAM act?


If you are sending out emails most probably you are affected by the CAN-SPAM Act law.

CAN-SPAM Act is the popular name of the US law passed in 2003 called Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act, requiring standards for sending out commercial emails. 

Because at the end of 90s email inboxes were filled with uwanted emails like sexually explicit, misleading and fake email marketing campaign selling all kind of unwanted products the introduction of this law was welcomed.

As a Mailbow client you have to accept the rules laid out in the CAN-SPAM Act. 

The main requirements of the law are  the following:

  • No misleading header information. Subject line should communicate the content included in the body of the email massage.
  • Don't use false or misleading header information. Your "From", "To",Reply To" and routing information, including the originating domain name and email address must be accurate and has to identify that who initiated the message.
  • Tell your recipients where you are located. All emails you send out must include a physical address. 
  • Recipients must be offered opt out option. Your emails must include an explanation of how the recipients can opt out of getting your emails in the future (unsubscribe from your newsletters). Give a return email address or another easy way to allow people to communicate their wish to unsubscribe from your messages. 
  • Monitor what others are doing on your behalf. If you contract another company who does your email marketing you still have legal responsibility. 
  • Email addresses need to be legitimely obtained. You cannot make up addresses and send emails to them.
  • You cannot send messages to bought or collected email addresses. For example addresses collected from forums or chat rooms. 
  • You must send out emails through computers or networks with permission. 
  • Companies cannot use automated ways to register multiple email addresses. Companies cannot falsely represent themselves as owners of multiple IP addresses. 


You can read the full text of the CAN-SPAM Act at the following link

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