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Effective email list building


Email lists need good care. They need feeding and hygiene to keep up with our goals. Poor viewing pro cent and CTR is often connected with bad list hygiene.

We all want our lists to grow, but what are we doing about that? Chart you find below brings out the most effective ways to build email lists.

Do you agree with those? Or maybe there is some secret strategy that you use?

Content remains to be the king. Interesting topics and valuable offerings create an interest to subscribe to newsletters. All the top chosen tactics are concentrating around building content.

You can offer wonderful discounts and special offers for your subscribers, but is this something to go for. This strategy can be quite expensive. Creating content worth reading can be a challenge in several fields, but it all can be done. 

Keyword responsive comes handy here also. Building responsive list means that subscribers will really be interested in your services/products.


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