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Email marketing campaigns testing value proposition


What are the values in your company? Are these values reflected in your actions and offers? 

Convincing value proposition is something every company should work with. After identifying the value proposition, defining the goals within company and marking down their potential appeal and exclusivity, comes the essential part of testing. Without that, you cannot be sure that values you create are rousing for your clients. Don't be ignorant towards subscribers!












Research in 2012 brought out, that email campaigns are used by 51% of the companies to find out effectiveness of their value proportion, closely following the top used possibility - landing pages.

Mailbow gives an opportunity to use both. Customizing landing pages, that lead subscribing to newsletters, gives an opportunity to segment your contacts and creates good starting point for testing. The value that you offer should be visible for client. Landing page is a good place to show the "peak" of what subscribing to your newsletter will give. 

Email campaigns give possibility of testing effectiveness of value proposition on several levels. Firstly, broader split testing comes along with subject lines, this gives you a quick view in results, which of the value claims are not so appealing. Excluding some less appealing values in this step and concentrating on those, what brought out the greatest results leads you already closer to goal.

Now you can go further with testing in the email body. Include values that worked the best in first sentences, featured stories and call-to-actions. Split test once again. Results in graphs and statistics can surprise you. You learn a lot about your subscribers!

Last, but least - interpret and implement the knowledge! Don't waste the precious insights. Work with it!

Content is the king of creating value, but testing it is the key for evaluating the effectiveness of content value.


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