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Types of emails


MailboxWe bet it happened before that you weren’t sure what kind of information you should send to your subscribed customers. We created a list of different type of emails that you should consider sending to your subscribers.

1. Last minute  - In case your company has a product that is available only for a limited time.


2. Reminder  - You should send out automated emails to customers about end of sales, product upgrade or even for visiting your site after a longer time of inactivity.


3. Agenda  - If your business is organizing any kind of event or you are running a business that provides temporary events (cinema, gallery or  theater) you should send the program to your subscribers, to keep them updated.


4. Commercial newsletter  - Send out information about important changes that occurred in your company, or about the products you have or events you plan to organize.


5. Win-back promotions - You should send targeted emails to former customers by offering them a special promotion.


6. Email coupons - Send out electronic coupon that the recipient can print out or show it on a smartphone in order to use it in the shop for special discount.


7. Promotions - Send out an email only about the recent and future promotions.


8. Product introductions  - In case you have many customers and a new product, you should get their attention by sending an email only about the new product.


9. Notification email  - After registering to your website you should send a personal notification to the user.


10. Order status - If your customer placed an order on your website, you should send a status of it.


11. Maintenance - If your website is under maintenance for longer time, you can also send an email to let your customers know about it.


12. Birthday message- Getting personal with your customers is important, sending them a birthday message is always a good idea and you could also send them a small present or discount offer.


13. Guidebook - Upon request (sent from your website) you could provide information for example an electronic guidebook of a product. Or in case you have a larger software upgrade you could send out information about it.


14. Corporate letter - You should send this only to your employers, you can send out informations that are only employers related.  


15. Loyalty program - Create a discount promotion program for a smaller group of your most loyal customers. Segment your best customers and offer them discounts for some of your products. For example if you run a cinema you can offer a free ticket, or free popcorn to the customers who visit your cinema more than 6 times a month.


16. Press release - It goes without saying that keeping in touch with the media is very important. Create a list of your media contacts and send them information about the most important changes.


17. Surveys - It is very cheap method of making a small research among your customers. Your customers can fill in their answers of the questionnaire in the email you send out and you can get the results immediately.

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