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How to improve e-mail deliverability



Sending out irrelevant e-mails can be bad for your whole e-marketing. Deliverability and open rate of the e-mails give a good feedback for campaign. Creating value and communicating with interested subscribers is crucial.
But there are several simple things to keep in mind to optimize deliverability. MarketingSherpa research brings out, what kind of tactics are being used commonly. Think with us, which of those possibilities could be useful for you.
Having an easy opt-out is as essential as having easy opt-in. If you cannot provide valuable or interesting context for subscribers, they have to have an easy way to unsubscribe. There is no point for holding on to somebody by force, it only creates negative client experience. Engaging interested subscribers connects with a point, where we can see that 39% of marketers are maintaining only opt-in based subscriber list. This number should definitely be bigger. Hopefully your company only sends out e-mails for subscribed customers.
It is important to have overview of bounce rates, e-mails which were not delivered, due to server restrictions. Meaning all the broken e-mails that Mailbow points out after sending each newsletter. To reduce the amount of broken e-mail addresses, confirmation e-mails should be a “must”. Subscriber can get certainty and you will know that the e-mail address is working.
Be careful – old and broken e-mail addresses could become spam traps! Keep your contact lists clean, remove broken e-mails regularly. Other security risk is not doing your domain authentication.

Two things that should not be overlooked are digital signature and SPF verification.
Keeping your contact list clean should come together with segmentation of contacts. Analyze statistics regularly. If you see many inactive contacts, it is worth figuring out, why that is happening. Try more personal approach and special offers/attention to those, who have not been interested in last newsletters.
All of the points in survey are worth thinking trough. Consider, what could be done in your company to improve deliverability rate?

Think and take action! 

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