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Is your welcome warm enough?


Most of the marketers have found a place for welcome message. Wonderful. But how many of them have given a critical look to that after setting it to place? This first contact with potential client is crucial. Is your welcome message working as well as it can?

Take a moment from your hot summer day and think some sobering thoughts under the air conditioner. How helpful, informative and encouraging is your welcoming message?

Is it a surprise?

Are you warning your subscribers that there is a message coming towards them? Are you giving any timeframes, when the first letter is sent? How often they will be sent? If you are not setting any expectations, there might come some unpleasant surprises. And if you do promise something, keep your promise.

Is it clear who the letter is from?

Receiver must understand the source letter is coming from. Use the name of your company in the from cells for name and e-mail. We all know those letters from Mrs.Robinsons and Gougle Corporations, whom we have never heard of and who should not have heard of us either!?

Is your e-mail template representing your brand?

Welcome message is your introduction. If subscriber has had some contact with you and knows your visual, then seeing something familiar in the received e-mail increases confidence. If there is no contact yet, then it will be fixed during next e-mails. Using certain visual is a must for most of the big corporations, but small companies should keep away from changing it too often as well.

Do you explain what and how often will be sent?

Welcome message is a great possibility to explain, what is going to happen next. What are the benefits for the subscriber and how often newsletter will be sent. Setting expectations helps to avoid further complaints.

Are you sharing your joy over new subscriber and encourage them to engage?

Are your titles, copy blocks and pictures shoeing warmness and the joy that new subscriber brings? They are happy to receive your e-mail, show them that you are also. Person has to feel welcome.

Do you give subscribers a possibility to change their e-mail settings and unsubscribe?

Of course we all hope that our e-mails are waited. But this is not always the case. A person has to have a possibility to unsubscribe. It should not be highlighted, but has to be there.

Take some time and check out your welcome message. Is it warm, thanks subscribers and makes them feel welcomed and special?

Your account manager Sandra


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