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Successful newsletter checklist


CheckThere are quite many details that can make your newsletter either a good one, or just an average one that doesn’t even reach most of your clients. Here are couple of things that you should keep in mind before sending out your newsletter.

Keep your message simple- The longer the text the less people are going to read it.

Subject line - Don’t make your subject lines too pushy or sales related, don’t get too creative with them, keep them simple. Otherwise they might look like headlines from a newspaper and they might end up looking like spam. So just simply write in the subject line the subject of your newsletter, if it is about upcoming events then write “{Company name} upcoming events.”

Make it personal - In case you know always greet your customers by their name. Many studies show that when customers see their name in a message they spend more time reading it and it also improves the click through rate of the emails.
Keep your visuals simple- If possible try to fit the message on one screen, so the recipient doesn’t have to scroll down the page too much. Also make sure that the size of the email is not too large, since if it takes too much to load people tend to close it.

Call for action  - The aim of quite many newsletters is to call for an action: participate, buy, sell, create, get involved, etc. It’s important to pay attention to the placement, color, size, etc.

Timing  - If you would like that your message would reach it’s target right away you send it out you should aim for 3 PM, since that’s the time when most people check their emails and also it should be middle of the week, preferably a Wednesday.

Number of links  - If you include more links you should expect more clicks, but don’t overdo it.  There can be easily more than 10 links in one email (it goes without saying that they shouldn’t be listed one after another).

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