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What is opt-in and opt-out?


opt-in opt-outIf you are running a business and you would like to keep in touch with your customers to build loyalty and repeat business, you need an opt-in email marketing list.
This is an easy and cost effective way of advertising and communicating with your customers, but it needs to be done properly.

What is an opt-in email?

In other words permission marketing, used when someone is given the option to receive emails from that person or company in the future, for example an email that you receive because you subscribed to Mailbow’s newsletter. Without having this permission the email is considered as unsolicited bulk email or spam. 

Confirmed opt-in 

A new user asks to be subscribed to your mailing lists for example through a website, and a confirmation message is sent out to verify it was really them. In this email there is usually a special link that the recipients have to click on in order to verify the end-subscriber’s email address whether it really belongs to the person who submitted the request to receive the newsletter. 

Unconfirmed opt-in

After someone gives an his email address to a web page there are no steps taken to make sure that the email address really belongs to the person submitting it. This can lead to getting your emails to spam folder, because anybody can give somebody else's emails to this list. 
Using a confirmed opt-in helps to ensure that somebody else is not subscribing you for a newsletter that you don’t want to receive.

Single opt-in vs double opt-in.

The first term is referred to the solution used in the 90’s when the marketers sent out an email to the new subscribers telling them that they will receive emails if they take no action. While some marketers say that it’s unnecessary to ask someone twice “double opt-in” if that person already asked to received newsletters. 


While opt-in is about giving the people option to get a  list, opt-out is about having the option to request to be taken out from it. The most common way is to have an unsubscribe button at the end of the newsletter you send out. 
We hope this helped you a bit to learn more about opt-in, but if you have any other question related to opt-in or email marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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