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The magic of numbers - why to use them in the newsletter?


Is it surprising, that most of the people, who read your newsletters, do it selectively?

So it is. Often words and even whole sentences are not getting the attention. The eyes of readers are viewing only selected titles, highlighted words, bullet lists and links. Those are the things you need to emphasize.

Remember, those eye catchers must achieve their goal. Links must direct the potential client exactly there where you want them to go. Think twice before highlighting any part in newsletter, the goal behind that and the outcome. 

Numbers do get attention, even the text that it is wrapped in, gets way more attention. Without numbers, there would be much less readers.

The more accurate numbers you use the better. Products with accurate price get more buyers. Confusing buyers with inaccurate or approximate prices will not bring you profit.

Numbers are useful in the subject lines as well. "17 reasons to start with your own business", "3 last places to our seminar" or "30% discount for everything in stores" - potential client who sees this kind of e-mail, knows exactly what to expect and it bring up the interest. Click, let see some more...


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