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Don't fall into - tips for avoiding spamtraps!


Spamtraps – what are they?

E-mail address, what does not belong to real user. Created not for communication, but for luring spam. Like a honey pot for the e-marketers, who play for quantity over quality.

Spamtraps are usually divided as pristine and recycle ones. First is more hazardous than second, but negative impact to sender’s reputation comes from both.

Pristine or pure spamtraps are created with a goal to catch spam right from the start by ISP (Internet Service Provider) or blacklist. They have been placed into impossible location and can be obtained only by bot, looking for addresses.

Recycled spamtraps have once been e-mail addresses like any other, but users have abandoned them. ISPs have picked them up and are using them as traps. Those traps are observing senders. If one is sending e-mails to receivers who have not shown any sign of interaction or never answered to an e-mail – it is a sign that sender lacks a proper list hygiene.

What happens when spamtrap gets into your list?

If sender sends to trap, its IP reputation will drop and blocking of e-mails will follow. Your e-mails wont make it to the reciever!

How to avoid spamtraps?

One simple advice- Keep your lists clean!

  • Don’t buy or rent your e-mail lists! It is illegal!
  • Confirm opt-in. Send confirmation letters for good first impression and consolidation that you have real working address.
  • Exclude broken e-mails. This will improve your deliverability rate and reduces possibility to get into traps.
  •  Send e-mail campaign only to those, who are interested. Keeping all your subscribers engaged is a challenge, but worth the effort!
  • Connected with last point is a suggestion to deal with subscribers, who have not shown any sign of activity recently. Not all of them are lost for you. Take time to make some more personalized campaigns and find out the reasons behind inactivity.
  • Simple opt-out makes it less likely to get caught into spamtraps. If you cannot hold interest, there must be an easy option to unsubscribe.
  • Keep data updated. Let your clients update their information from time to time.



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