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Valentine's Day email marketing tips


email heart, email loveHurry Cupid’s Counting Down! Get in touch with your customers

Exactly one week left until Valentine’s Day! Most of you already announced your offer in the end of January or first days of February. In this post we would like to give you some tips you can use, to make sure you get the maximum sales out of your promotions. 
First of all let’s start with the emails you still have left to send:
1. February 7 - reminder of the initial offer – that is today
2. February 11 – Three days left till Valentine’s Day. In case you don’t have time for the first reminder then we suggest going only with this one. 
3. February 17 - Thank you, follow up email to all the customers who took advantage of your offer. 


a. Segment your list – Split your lists by gender, some of the offers might apply only to the ladies. They also tend to buy different items.
b. Partner up – with other companies that offer complementary services or products, this way your offer cannot be ignored. For example: spa service with floral shop, restaurant and flower shop, cinema with restaurant, car renting and flowers, etc. 
c. Target people from last year – create even better offers for your loyal customers who purchased something during Valentine’s Day in 2012. 
d. Use testimonials – most people will purchase things if they know that others had positive buying experience, so highlight reviews or testimonials in your emails.
e. Give ideas - many men are lacking of examples, so put together a list of ideas how they could use your services or products.  
f. Grow your lists – promote a special Valentine’s Day email postcard to win a prize, in this way you can grow your email lists. 
g. Send a card of appreciation – thank your loyal customers by sending them a free gift card or redeemable points. 
h. Shipping – in case you offer products that are sent out mention the shipping dates in your emails.
i. Do it online – remind the guys how annoying malls can be. 
j. E-gift certificate – for last minute shoppers or for those who cannot decide. So they can easily just purchase the gift card for their loved ones.
Don’t forget in the next couple of days is the period when most people do the purchases. Act now to avoid heartbreaks on the most romantic day of the year. 
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