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10 ways to make your email social


It is not reasonable to isolate social media and email marketing from each other. It is most likely that if your company owns Facebook/Twitter or any other social media page, it will be brought out in your newsletter. At least in footer... at least with little buttons.

But imagine that... those small buttons do not make subscribers feel encaged. You should consider making your email more social overall. Following tips will give you a hand.

  • Encourage your social media audience to sign up for newsletter. Periodical posts and tweets will do. And why not to create an app for Facebook to sign up for news! How to do that? Ask us, we'll help you out! Get more personal.


  • Include social media buttons in your call to action. Let them connect with you! But beware of your overall creative - keep your email templates similar to your overall look.


  • #Hashtags are getting more popular - now Facebook also provides an option to use them. Why not to create one and call people to use it? Feedback, thoughts... that all comes back to you. You can encourage people with certain feedback term and make it a full circle experience by connecting social with email.


  • Give it a reason! Dedicate a small portion of your template for subscribers to understand why they should connect with you in social media.


  • Use the feedback you receive in social media to craft the message to your subscribers! Leverage social conversation to inspire your email content. Also, use the feedback in your emails as testimonials for products etc.


  • Participate! Don't let your audience to talk on their own. If they give you their opinion show your gratitude, if they give feedback - react and respond! Keep the conversation alive. They trust you if they will see you there!


  • Campaigns or contests - use them to feed your subscribers list or vice versa. But keep some of the content exclusive for one channel only. That way it won't stale so quickly. Keep each message stream fresh!


  • Feature your top shared/pinned/tweeted items of themes in a inspirational email. Use the content that is loved by your audience!


  • Acknowledge the feedback. Make your conclusion about low reviews and all the negative. This is your chance to improve!


  • Most important thing - have fun! Social media is about connecting with friends and communicating. Don't make your info flow too serious!


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