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Automate your contact gathering, segmenting, their data enriching, sending right content at right timingg. Mailbow empowers organizations to communicate with their customers using source data and to send responsive beautiful emails via marketing automation.

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SegmentationAccurate Targeting

Send out emails based on specific subscriber information. In this way you can target your subscribers in a more effective way and at the same time you also maximize your campaigns. We can help you become a segmentation professional and then you can easily create countless combinations of conditions. 
You can segment your customers by name, country, gender but even by street name or car type. In this way you can divide your customers into groups with similar interests and behaviours.


Email marketing is metric driven, with Mailbow you can track, report and analyze your emails you're sending out. In the reports you can see the number of opened, clicked or bounced back emails. By analyzing the results and making the necessary changes you can improve the deliverability of your campaigns. Read more about tracking emails with Mailbow here or about how to compare two campaigns
We also offer connection with Qlickview statistics in cooperation with Infovara AS if needed.


Email Template MailbowPre-designed Templates

Need a design for your newsletter? We've got you covered! Before sending out your email, choose from more than 25 pre-designed newsletter templates. And don't forget that with some experience in HTML language you can code and customize your own newsletter.

Live Support

If things get complicated don't panic, you're not alone, we are here to support you. You can get guidance starting from your campaign planning, technical questions, to contact database configuration, our professional support team got you covered. 
Mailbow team offers you quality assistance any time through email (, you can also live chat with us trough Skype (mailbow) or call us on phone (+372 6667666). Hours of operation: Monday to Friday starting from 9:00 to 17:00 GMT+2.

Split testing

A/B testing

Email split testing with Mailbow is the best way to try out new ideas for your messages. 
Maybe you've thought about changing the layout of a newsletter or you are not sure with subject lines you should use for your future messages. With split testig you can find out exactly what your customers like best. Simply test two or even three versions of your message among a small group of subscribers and determine the better performer. 

online accessInstant access

Access your emial marketing browser straight from your internet browser. It works on any computer with internet connection.

Facebook and Twitter

Our  software allows you to share your nesletter with your fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter. Moreover you can also include a sharing link in your email so your customers can share the news on their social networking profiles.


databaseDaily backup and activity log

We ensure the security of your data also by the daily backup we do. Additionally to this Mailbow records and saves a log where you can check the activity of every Mailbow user. This can provide valuable information on the behaviour of the users in a particular campaign.

Quality contact database

Mailbow makes sure that you have a quality database, so your newsletters really reaches your customers. With the domain validation, we make sure that your database doesn't include any broken or dead emails. Additionally when you import your mailing list, Mailbow will check for duplicate addresses and removes them automatically from the database. 

Spam free

personalized message

Mailbow will send an email campaign to your customers for digital authorization to make sure that none of your newsletters goes to the spam folder. We are doing this step to verify the customer's email addresses. 

Personalized Messages

Our software allows you to send personalized messages to your target audience. Personalization is a common technique used to draw customers attention by making their email unique for them. Many studies show that when customers see their name in a message they spend more time reading it and it also improves the click through rate of the emails.




Why autoresponders? Half of the marketers give up after the second rejection, but the vast majority of sales are not closed until the fifts contact. Follow-up autoresponders increase sale and save time.

Import mailing list

Instead of manually typing in all your contacts, Mailbow allows you to import your email lists fron an Excel sheet CSV or TXT.


With the trigger feature of Mailbow you can automate your whole marketing program. Use these triggers to set up powerful drip campaigns that deliver your message in pre set time intervals and stay ahead of your competition. 

RSS feeds

Some peope simply prefer to get news via email rather than checking blogs. With Mailbow you can connect your blog's RSS feed, so your customers get your newest posts as soon as they are published.

External tracking

Mailbow also allows you to integrate external statistics gathering and tracking software with the campaigns, such as Google Analytics. Campaigns in Mailbow can be told to incluce Google Analytics-specific tracking keywords in the URL's and this behavior can then be tracked by Google Analytics on the website that the link redirected the contact to. 


You can connect your Mailbow with other third party softwares that can help you improve your campaigns. For example MIKARE ASK is a flexible software for building questionnaires, conducting surveys and collecting data. It can be used in any already existing webpage. You can read more about how to connect MIKARE ASK with Mailbow. 

SMS campaigns

The newest version of Mailbow also incorporates the possibility of creating text message (SMS) campaigns. Read more about how to track your text message campaigns with Mailbow. 

Easy to use

Our software is very easy to use. In every step we have helpful tips and instructions. All the functions are very logical and you don`t need any special IT knowledge to use our system. We have focused more on bussiness customers who`s needs are changing constantly. Different detailed functions are hidden for users who don`t need them. Different user roles also allow access to outside disainers and content managers.

Integration - API

Mailbow has API integration, so it can change data with other softwares. Most common are integrations with websites, Facebook, CRMs, accounting softwares and analytical softwares. There are 4 easy ways to create integrations. Read more.