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Automate your contact gathering, segmenting, their data enriching, sending right content at right timingg. Mailbow empowers organizations to communicate with their customers using source data and to send responsive beautiful emails via marketing automation.

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API integration


API integration


API integration

API is a set fo programming instructions for accessing a web based software application. In other words in an application that is communicating with another software. Mailbow has a RESTful API that has been modified throughout Mailbow development cycle.

Most of the API commands are currently about adding new contacts to Mailbow database or modifying the existing data. Mailbow also has solutions which communicate with the API or Mailbow itself without requiring our clients to use a developer for integration.

Mailbow can be integrated with our customers website or infosystem using these five means, they are ranked from the most restricted and easiest implementation to most customizable, but more difficult one.

  • public Mailbow contact subscription forms as Landing Page
  • for API connection you find our documentation publicly available here
  • for a simple API sample code you find information here

For additional information about Mailbow web services please contact support (at)


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