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Automate your contact gathering, segmenting, their data enriching, sending right content at right timingg. Mailbow empowers organizations to communicate with their customers using source data and to send responsive beautiful emails via marketing automation.

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Integrating ERPLY


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ERPLY is a provider of Software as a Service for commercial retail inventory and e-commerce that handles data across physical shops, online stores and warehouses, while at the same time providing real-time dashboards with relevant data.
In order to integrate ERPLY with Mailbow you have know only the following details:
  • Erply Account Number
  • Erply user account name
  • Erply user account password
Once these parameters are known, MAILBOW can download from ERPLY:
  • Erply contacts;
  • Erply contact groups.
Contacts will be opted in after the first invoice, when that contact became a costumer. 
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