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Integrating questionnaire software with Mailbow

You can connect your Mailbow with other third party softwares that can help you improve your campaigns. For example MIKARE ASK is a flexible software for building questionnaires, conducting surveys and collecting data. It can be used in any already existing webpage. Here you can read more about how to connect MIKARE ASK with Mailbow. .

How to create the connection?

1. Log into ASK and click on the API connections Menu point

2. Add new

3. Fill in the Name and select CSI export from Type

4. Set the CSI address to csi.(your domain).com

5. Leave the CSI API Profile #ID box empty

6. Click Add New

7. CSI connection status is displayed Not active

8. In Mailbow choose Settings and go to Linked Software tab

9. Click on the newly created profile and Activate it

10. Go back to ASK and click the Check connection.

11. The connection between ASK and Mailbow is made

Using data from Mailbow to pre-fill (personalize) your answer fields

1. In ASK go to Questionnaires and open the one you would like to link with you Mailbow account

2. In the Data tab from API connections choose the profile you would like to work with

3. In the Questionnaire tab after clicking on the question that you would like to personalize at the Default value part please choose the preferred option.

In case you select the following functions:

  • ·         Locked – the answerer cannot change the content of the field
  • ·         Hidden – the answerer cannot see the question


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